I have had several rounds of skin lasering on my face and chest area. I have Irish skin that is dry, wrinkles easily and is discolored by freckles. Dr. Greco is an artist as well as totally professional. He doesn’t overdo anything, he gives solid advice (including telling me not to do an expensive procedure because a less expensive procedure would be more effective). His staff is outstanding and he is in very high demand. However, there is no elitism in his manner or his office and he never makes you feel rushed.

Anyway, I had five days of red skin after the procedure which goes with the territory. The Albi repair kit Dr. Greco gives out is fantastic. Within two weeks, my skin looked beautiful. Everyone tells me how great I look even though they don’t know that I had the laser treatment. My skin looks and feels great.

Dr. Greco has also done Juvederm and Voluma treatments on me and again, he is an artist. Every thing he does is subtle and makes you look naturally beautiful.

I am VERY picky about doctors and have access to the best because I live near NYC. Dr. Greco is my go to person for anything cosmetic.

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